Serve Camp | New in 2019
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Our two new properties

We are happy to announce that Serve Camp has entered into a partnership that will give us two locations, a Downtown Leesburg location with 8,000sq facilities and a 100 acre piece of property in Leesburg. These properties will help us to continue and expand the Serve Camp program you’ve come to love while enabling all of our life-making dreams for young people and beyond to become reality.

Love Project Hub

115 Harrison Street NE, Leesburg, Virginia 20176

Celebrations, Overnights, and SC247 location

13951 Freedom Center Lane, Leesburg, Virginia 20176

Transportation Hubs at  

Convenient locations, free coffee, no extra charge!

Along with in-person drop-off at our Downtown Leesburg location, we’ve partnered with local Chik-Fil-A’s to offer transportation hubs as an option for your family. Now daily drop-off’s and pick-up’s are conveniently located in your “backyard”. As a bonus…FREE COFFEE every morning! Just look for our friendly staff members and Serve Camp tent!

Locations of the Transportation Hubs:

Chick-Fil-A Leesburg

1002 Edwards Ferry Rd NE, Leesburg, VA 20176

Chick-Fil-A South Riding

43310 Defender Dr, South Riding, VA 20152

Chick-Fil-A Purcellville

165 Purcellville Gateway Dr, Purcellville, VA 20132

Chick-Fil-A Dulles 28 Centre

22015 Dulles Retail Plaza Sterling, VA 20166

Drop-off and Pick-up Times

Junior Serve Camp:

Drop-off- 8:15am departing the Hubs at 8:30

Pick-up- 4:30
* times may vary depending on the unforeseen circumstance.

Teen Serve Camp:

Drop-off- 7:15am departing the Hubs at 7:30

Pick-up- 5:30
* times may vary depending on the unforeseen circumstance.

What else could possibly make Serve Camp better you ask? We’re launching SC 247! It’s what you’ve come to love about teen serve camp (you know serving, making life-long friends, & making life happen!) except you’re now doing it 24/7. Check out what you can expect at 247:


  • Wider variety of serving opportunities because of flexible timeline
  • More opportunities to develop meaningful & lasting friendships
  • Deeper engagement with the life & message of Jesus
  • Having a blast on our very own SC100 Acre “Playground”!

MoveToZero Initiative

Every teen has a need to be wanted, to be heard, to be, and do something great. Truth is all of us crave to know and understand our value, worth, significance, and that we have purpose.  In many ways, our search for significance defines how we “do life” & touches every area of our lives. In 2019 Serve Camp is launching a new initiative during all teen camp weeks called MoveToZero. Through daily breakout sessions, this initiative will help teens discover their significance (that they matter and have a place of belonging) and how to live life “on purpose” and empower them to use this newly discovered truth as a way to make life happen in peer-to-peer relationships.

MoveToZero is about…
  • Moving towards believing Zero lies about our significance – including the lies that our worth is defined by our performance or the approval of others
  • Moving towards living life on Zero – away from living as “self as king” (basically that satisfying our needs, wants, & desires are our greatest purpose and success)
  • Making life happen – when we choose to MoveToZero we experience the greatest possible joy and begin to live life on purpose!

We recognize 5th grade is a very important transition year for 5th graders so we decided to create a unique program within junior camp to help 5th graders experience what they want: greater challenges & responsiblity including:


  • 5th grade only teams
  • Unique & challenging Love Projects including the $100 Challenge where they will be tasked to dream of, create, and implement their very own team project
  • Overnight stay on our SC Campgrounds Thursday night (optional)

Convenient Sunday Night Check-ins

For your convenience we’re offering Sunday weekly check-ins. This allows your daily morning routine, especially Monday morning, to be quick, efficient, and simple – especially for those heading to work, running errands, and/or utilizing our Chick-Fil-A transportation hubs.


During check-in you will have the opportunity to meet the Serve Camp team including the directors, your counselors, and the camp nurse. You will also be given your child’s unique safety code for the week and sign-up for your child’s team communication tool. Last but not least you will pick-up your camp t-shirt! Oh, one more thing, FREE sno-cones on us!


We will offer a Monday morning check-in option but please note you will have limited access to the Serve Camp team and on site parking at our Downtown Leesburg location. Those with medical needs are required to check-in on Sunday.

Sunday Weekly Check-in

Downtown Leesburg Location
Anytime between 4-6pm

Monday Weekly Check-in:

Chick-Fil-A Leesburg
Junior Camp 8:00am
Teen Camp 7:00am