Serve Camp | Serve Camp Health and Safety Policy
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Health and Safety Policy Overview

​Please take the time to read over our camp health and safety policies. Note you will find a more detailed health and safety policy when you log in to register for camp.  As indicated during registration, you MUST upload some medical information and forms to your camp dashboard before your camper(s) can participate in camp activities. 



All campers are required to send in a copy of updated immunizations.



If your child has any allergies, asthma/respiratory conditions, or other significant medical conditions, we must have a copy of their Action Plans filled out and signed by their physician. We will accept a copy of action plans that you may have on file with your child’s school clinic, as long as it is dated within a year of the dates they will be attending camp. If you are not able to obtain a copy or need to update the form, please download the form provided within registration.



Medications will not be given without the proper consent forms. If your child has significant medical needs that require medication (routine prescription/nonprescription or emergency) you must have a Medication Consent Form filled out. If it is a prescription medication, the physician must fill out and sign the form clearly and concisely in its entirety. If it is a nonprescription/OTC medication, parent must fill out and sign the form. Note that nonprescription medication will only be administered according to label instructions unless other dosages are authorized by physician. These forms are available for download in the registration.

If your child is taking routine medication, it is recommended that it be given before and/or after camp day as long as it does not interfere with treatment and/or physician recommendations. This allows the child to participate fully in activities with minimal interruptions.



All prescription medications must be unexpired, in original container with proper pharmacy label containing the child’s name, medication, dosage, and instructions for administration. Campers may not transport ANY medication to or from camp. Parents are responsible to drop off and pick up of medication at designated location, DAILY. If child is authorized to Self-Carry, it must be indicated on the action plan/medication consent form and signed by the physician.  Child must stop by designated area to “check in” medication.

Special note for children with allergies requiring epinephrine auto-injectors: You must send in 2 unexpired, epinephrine auto-injectors in original box with pharmacy label. This is in case we need to administer a second dose while waiting for EMS to arrive. Be sure to send in other required medications (ie. Benadryl), clearly labeled with child’s name.



Children who have fevers of 100.0 or higher, must be kept home until free of fever for 24 hours without the help of fever reducing medication. If child presents to a counselor or other staff member with any concerning symptoms or body temperature of 100.0 or higher, parents will be notified and a plan of care will be discussed.



For questions or concerns, please email the camp nurse.