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Serve Camp is the best, most life-giving camp.

Serve Camp is the best, most life-giving camp. A camp empowering teens to make life happen. Serve Camp is a unique, hands-on experience where teens can discover for themselves the power of love to bring life. It’s a camp that inspires and challenges teens to live life as servant leaders. To choose giving over getting. To choose sacrifice over entertainment. To choose love over selfishness. Serve Camp isn’t about “I” but others. It’s a camp driven by the life & message of Jesus who invites the world to join Him in making life happen!


Serve Camp is built on love projects.  Love projects are community service projects designed to meet the needs of a person, family, community, and/or non-profit organization helping others. Through a variety of love projects, teens are exposed to the power of finding common ground with people and loving them at their point of need. Most importantly, teens learn through experience that absolute humility (self-denial) leads to absolute love which produces immeasurable life.


Thousands of young people have already experienced the life giving  & power of love. Will you be next? Make the summer of 2019 your best summer yet by joining hundreds of other teens in making life happen!

New for 2019

July 21-26
Everything you love about Teen Serve Camp, just better.

MoveToZero Initiative

Every teen has a need to be wanted, to be heard, to be, and do something great. Truth is all of us crave to know and understand our value, worth, significance, and that we have purpose.  In many ways, our search for significance defines how we “do life” & touches every area of our lives. In 2019 Serve Camp is launching a new initiative during all teen camp weeks called MoveToZero. Through daily breakout sessions, this initiative will help teens discover their significance (that they matter and have a place of belonging) and how to live life “on purpose” and empower them to use this newly discovered truth as a way to make life happen in peer-to-peer relationships.

MoveToZero is about…
  • Moving towards believing Zero lies about our significance – including the lies that our worth is defined by our performance or the approval of others

  • Moving towards living life on Zero – away from living as “self as king” (basically that satisfying our needs, wants, & desires are our greatest purpose and success)

  • Making life happen – when we choose to MoveToZero we experience the greatest possible joy and begin to live life on purpose!

Camp Hours

Mon-Fri: 8am-5pm
Optional Wednesday Night Campout

(more info in the FAQ’s)

Friday Celebration, 8am-10pm

Camp Fee Includes

Love Projects
Camp T-shirt
Cinch Bag
Water Bottle
Healthy Snacks
Campout & BBQ

(Wednesday evening if fasting)

Catered Breakfast

(Thursday morning if fasting & participated in camp out)

Friday Celebration

Camp Fees

$325 per child/wk

No registration fee, activity fees, or hidden fees.

Drop-off Pick-up

1. Transportation Hubs
2. In-Person

Chick-Fil-A Leesburg
1002 Edwards Ferry Rd NE, Leesburg, VA 20176

Check-In: 7:45-8am*

Check Out: 5:00-5:15pm*

* times may vary depending on the unforeseen circumstance.


Do you have safety protocols for the lake activities?

Yes, however, before we share our safety protocols please note that lake activities for junior and teen camp will be very limited as the focus of our days at camp (outside of Friday Celebration days and overnight stays) are on serving. During SC247 young people will have significantly more time available to participate in lake activities.


Our general safety protocols include having certified lifeguards on hand, requiring all swimmers to wear life vests when in the water, and shallow areas for non-swimmers to enjoy. Keep in mind, you are your child’s best advocate and safety net, so during registration you will be asked to verify your child’s ability to swim. If you’re unsure and would like us to verify we will do so. Please note that if during lake activities lifeguards, counselors, or our admin team feel your child is not comfortable in water and/or not a proficient swimmer we will ask them to move to shallow areas to enjoy.  Either way they will have a blast!

Are the teen camp weeks different?

Yes! Serve Camp works hard to make sure teens are exposed to a variety of needs in our community and beyond. Based on the schedules of individuals, families, and non-profit organizations we’re often limited to the “when” we can help. If you’ve been a part of the camp you know that things are fluid come camp week because of how fast (or slow) teens work, weather, etc. This is the reality of life and teens experience the necessary serving spirit of “go with it”. It’s not about us, it’s about others and their needs. 

I heard the teens fast and campout one day a week, why?

That is correct! During camp, teens will be challenged to participate in a fast (no food) on Wednesday of camp week from 8am until 8pm. This challenge is designed to help teens learn about & experience of people in the US & around the world who struggle with food insecurity. To experience what it feels like, even for a short time, the realities of not having access to very basic needs. The day is designed to have a “light” workload. We also make sure to keep them hydrated.

To celebrate, all of the teens who fasted are invited  to break their fast together at 8pm with an awesome BBQ (included with camp fee). Guys & girls have separate sleeping areas and have adult supervision. Location & details provided before camp week. The fast and BBQ are optional, though it’s very popular, and most teens participate. ​Teens not fasting will need to bring their lunch and will be provided time to eat. Parents should be prepared to bring lunch Thursday morning before the camp day begins.

For teens who fast AND participate in the campout, a catered breakfast will be provide Thursday morning. It’s a hearty breakfast of French toast, eggs, bacon, sausage, potatoes, fruit, and more!

How are teams formed?

Teams are divided between rising 6th-8th and 9th-12th grades. There are no exceptions to the grade formation of teams. During registration you will be asked if there are friend requests. We do our very best to accommodate everyone but there are several reasons we can’t including parents indicating the wrong grade during registration, overwhelming same group requests (we limit group sizes for effectiveness to 12-15), parents may request another camper but the other camper may request not to be in same group. Rest assured most often things work out perfectly. We encourage parents to verify directly with other parents if requests are okay and what secondary plans can be made when there’s an overwhelming number of campers requesting the same team.

What is Friday Celebration?

After a hard week of work the teens are treated to an awesome all-day party on Friday. This is our way of thanking them & celebrating their love. This is ALWAYS one of the favorite parts of Serve Camp for the teens. The Friday Celebration will be at our SC Campgrounds where the teens will be able to enjoy all the activities on our 100 acre playground.

How are campers placed in rooms?

Rooms & bunks in lodges will be assigned based on the total number of teens who register including the makeup of male and female ratios. Males and females will sleep in different lodges. We have a policy of not allowing counselors and campers to sleep in the same bed or males and females to sleep in the same room. Middle and High School students will have separate areas in each lodge. We will assign rooms and bunks prior to any overnight experience. We will do our very best to accommodate friend requests however as noted in the registration these are not guaranteed.

What kind of training is required for the camp counselors?

What a great question!  Each camp counselors goes thorough internal training process before they are allowed to become a Serve Camp counselor.  Along with our internal training process, each counselor is required to be certified (and active) in CPR, First Aid, and AED.

Where are love projects located?

Camp begins and ends at our camp headquarters, however, campers go offsite for many love projects in Loudoun and the DMV area. Project locations are based on the needs of the individual, families, community or non-profits we are serving. Schedules will be available to view on the first day of camp.

How are campers transported?

We have hired a professional, licensed, and insured transportation company to transport our campers. At times we will recruit licensed and insured volunteers who have passed a background check to transport campers as needed.

What is "Love Crushes Cancer" and how is Serve Camp connected to it?

Love Crushes Cancer is a love project designed to raise awareness and funds to CRUSH childhood cancer with love, and it’s put on by the Serve Camp students!  In 2016, LCC raised $20,000+ that was donated to Inova Children’s Hospital as well as Team Mathis (local organization that supports families and research efforts for childhood cancer).  In 2017, Serve Camp raised $52,000 to help fund the buildout of a pediatric cancer teen center through Pediatric Specialists of Virginia (PSV). Serve Camp has raised $82,000 over the last three summers to help crush childhood cancer. You can find out more about it by visiting the LCC page.

Is Serve Camp a faith based camp?
Serve Camp is a camp based on the life and message of Jesus. Jesus teaches us is that love leads to life. Each day campers are introduced to a truth Jesus gave us regarding how we can make life happen (i.e. love, putting others first, servant leadership, sacrifice). Campers are challenged daily to join Jesus in making life happen by embodying his life and message. During small groups counselors debrief the truth of the day with campers in an age-appropriate way, talk about the reality of living out that truth (how we can live it out and how difficult it can be), and challenge them to be life makers now and as a dream for their life.
Is Serve Camp associated with other organizations?
Serve Camp is a 501(C)3 non-profit corporation in the state of Virginia and is an integrated auxiliary of Common Ground Church.