Serve Camp | SC247
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July 21-26  |  $395  |  All day over-night camp

This year Serve Camp, the best, most life-giving camp just got better. What could possibly make teen camp any better? Glad you asked! SC247 is better. It’s what you’ve come to love about teen serve camp (you know serving, making life-long friends, and making life happen!) except you’re now doing it 24/7. Check out what you can expect at 247:


  • Wider variety of serving opportunities because of flexible timeline
  • More opportunities to develop meaningful & lasting friendships
  • Deeper engagement with the life & message of Jesus
  • Having a blast on our very own SC100 Acre “Playground”!

13951 Freedom Center Lane, Leesburg, Virginia 20176

100 Acre Activities

These are a few of the many activities available to campers during their free time.





Disc Golf



Water slide

The Blob

Camp Fee Includes

Meals and snacks
2 SC247 camp tshirts
Love Projects
All activities on our 100 ACRE PLAYGROUND
Cinch Bag
Water Bottle

Camp Fees

$395 per teen

No registration fee, activity fees, or hidden fees.

SC247 Check-in and Check-out

 at SC Campgrounds
Sunday Check-in- 4pm
Friday Check-out- 10pm

SC Campgrounds

13951 Freedom Center Lane
Leesburg, Virginia 20176


How similar will SC247 be to Teen Serve Camp?

SC247 has the same DNA as Teen Serve Camp. We want to empower young people to make life happen through love projects. That said, while the core of what we will do is the same (love projects), SC247 will enable teens to experience:


  • Wider variety of serving opportunities because of flexible timeline
  • More opportunities to develop meaningful & lasting friendships
  • Deeper engagement with the life & message of Jesus
  • Having a blast on our very own SC100 Acre “Playground”!
What will an average day be like?

Below is  a “sample schedule” of a day at 247. Keep in mind being together 247 enables us to have flexibility in planning day to day so you can expect great variety.


7:00-8:30 Breakfast, shower, prepare lunch

8:30-9:00 Small Group

9:00-5:00 Love Projects

5:00-6:30 Free Time

6:30-7:00 Dinner

7:00-8:30 Big Group

8:30-10:00 Night Activity

10:00-10:30 Small Group

11:00 Lights Out

Do you have safety protocols for the lake activities?

Yes, however, before we share our safety protocols please note that lake activities for junior and teen camp will be very limited as the focus of our days at camp (outside of Friday Celebration days and overnight stays) are on serving. During SC247 young people will have significantly more time available to participate in lake activities.


Our general safety protocols include having certified lifeguards on hand, requiring all swimmers to wear life vests when in the water, and shallow areas for non-swimmers to enjoy. Keep in mind, you are your child’s best advocate and safety net, so during registration you will be asked to verify your child’s ability to swim. If you’re unsure and would like us to verify we will do so. Please note that if during lake activities lifeguards, counselors, or our admin team feel your child is not comfortable in water and/or not a proficient swimmer we will ask them to move to shallow areas to enjoy.  Either way they will have a blast!

What about free time?

The main emphasis of SC247 is to love and serve people but we’ll certainly build in daily “free” time. While we want to offer teens some free time to simply hang out and enjoy our 100 acre “playground”, we also realize that too much of a good thing isn’t such a good thing. So, there will not be long stretches of free time every day except for Fridays.

Is SC247 going to be fun?

Hmm. YES! Call us crazy but we think serving people is fun (thousands of teens have proved this over the last 8 years). Plus we’ve got a 100 acre “playground”, of course it will be fun!

Is there a maximum number of campers?

Yes. We have limited bunk space so please be sure to place your $50 deposit right away to secure your spot as we expect 247 to be very popular.

Is there a set student/SC staff ratio?

Yes, for safety purposes, we will require at least one adult SC team member per 10 campers.

What does the price include?

The camp fee covers lodging, food, transportation, love projects, 2 camp t-shirts, cinch bag, water bottle, planned activities, and FUN! Don’t worry, nobody will be hungry or without shelter at SC247. Feel free to send spending money with your camper to use in our spirit store.

How many meals are provided?

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner each day except Sunday check-in where we will provide dinner. All meals will be family style in order to help teens build meaningful connections and life-long friendships.

My teen has allergies, will alternate meals be provided?

Please note SC247 will not be a strict peanut/treenut free camp. Upon request, we will provide vegetarian, gluten-free, and peanut/tree-nut free options, but unfortunately can’t guarantee all meal environments will be peanut/tree-nut free.


While we will do our best to accommodate your camper’s dietary needs please note there may be occasional times where your camper’s dietary needs are beyond our capacity. In this case, your camper is welcome to bring their own meals for the week. We will provide refrigerators and microwaves.  


If you have questions that we have not adequately answered we welcome you to please contact our camp nurse.

Where do we sleep?

Our 100 acre SC Campground has many awesome features including several lodges, meeting facilities, and more. Each lodge is air conditioned and has divided bunk rooms, restrooms with showers, a kitchenette, and a community sitting area.

How are campers placed in rooms?
Rooms & bunks in lodges will be assigned based on the total number of teens who register including the makeup of male and female ratios. Males and females will sleep in different lodges. We have a policy of not allowing counselors and campers to sleep in the same bed or males and females to sleep in the same room. Middle and High School students will have separate areas in each lodge. We will assign rooms and bunks prior to SC247. We will do our very best to accommodate friend requests however as noted in the registration these are not guaranteed.
Who can participate in SC247?
SC 247 is open to rising 6th-12th graders. That means just-graduated 8th graders (rising 9th graders) and just graduated seniors are welcome.
What if my teen has a medical condition and/or allergy?
To complete the registration process you will be required to inform us of any medical conditions and/or medicine your teen requires during serve camp. This includes uploading medical documentation. During the review process our camp nurses will look over your registration and the documents you provide to ensure our team has a plan of action. You can contact our camp nurses with any questions or concerns you might have. Keep in mind, the administrative team and counselors are required to be CPR/FIRST-AID/AED certified to work with Serve Camp. Further, we have team members that are MAT trained.
What is the cancellation policy?
You may cancel at any time but fees paid to date are non-refundable. Cancellations must be made in writing or by email.  WEATHER & NATIONAL DISASTER CANCELLATION POLICY Serve Camp prioritizes your student’s safety. If we are forced to cancel an event due to weather conditions, national disaster or act of terror, refunds cannot be given.
Is my deposit refundable?
Deposits are non-refundable.
Do we have to pay the full price to register?
No. A $50 deposit is all that’s required to secure a spot.